American Adjuster Academy is proud to offer our new Xactimate training courses.

Our Xactimate Training courses are very comprehensive and our courses are led by trained, experienced professionals who will share the knowledge you need to be as effective in the field as possible.

What is Xactimate?

Xactimate is recognized as the most widely used damage estimating software in use by insurance companies and adjusters. Xactimate assists adjusters in measuring the quantity of materials needed to repair damage and  estimate the value of damaged property by using pre loaded price lists.

We feel becoming efficient in Xactimate is essential to maximizing your income potential as an insurance adjuster. Xactimate is more than a tool.  It is a business essential that has to be learned for you to work in this industry.

Who needs Xactimate Training?

  • Existing adjusters wanting to learn estimatics or convert to Xactimate 28
  • Restoration Estimators
  • Public Adjusters
  • Contractors & General Contractors seeking more accurate estimates and invoices.
  • Adjuster management companies offering courses at their conventions or seminars.
  • Adjusters who need a refresher before deployment.

Xactimate Course Topics

Our courses allow you to have a point of reference for post training practice. Our course covers setting up your software with user preferences and system settings to printing a complete Xactimate estimate of roof and room damages with sketches.

  • Estimatics is the new method of using Xactimate required by the major insurance carriers.
  • Estimatics is the creation of estimates based on a sketch of roof or rooms in Xactimate.
  • Create hip and gable roofs.
  • Create multi-room floor plans.
  • Import and label photos, opening statements and logos.
  • Learn to find and place loss line repair items in the estimate.
  • Create a grouping tree that follows the insurance policy and its coverages.
  • Learn to apply depreciation, sales tax, deductibles and policy limits.
  • Learn how to receive, review, print and send claims.
  • Basically – everything you need to know to get started in the claims industry.
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